Contact details of Matrix Science & Technology Shanghai Limited


No. 4489, Hangtang Rd, Fengxian District, Shanghai, 201408
Tel:(86)21 – 5717 0526
Fax:(86)21 – 5717 0355

Sales office:

South Unit, 6th floor, Building 1#, No.1188 lianhang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Tel:(86)21 – 3479 0190
Fax:(86)21 – 3479 0185

Driving directions

To our factory:
1. If you come from South Yanggao Rd…
     –From Yanggao Road, turn onto LinHai highway,
     –Exit at Tuanqing highway,
     –Turn left into Tuanqing Rd,
     –then turn right onto Hangtang highway.
2. You can also drive along Puxing highway all the way south, then…
     –Turn left at Nanfeng Rd,
     –then turn right onto Hangtang highway.
3. If you drive south along Xinfengjin freeway…
     –Exit at G1501 / Bridge and turn onto the G1501 Shanghai beltway,
     –Get off at the Fengcheng exit,
     –Turn left onto Nanfeng highway,
     –Then turn left onto Hangtang highway.
4. If you come through S2 Hulu highway…
     –Get off at the Daye highway exit,
     –Turn right onto Daye highway,
     –Then left onto Hangtang highway.

To our sales office:
     –Drive south along Puxing Highway,
     –turn left into Lianhang Rd.

For more detailed instructions, you can also find us using google map




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